Survivor since 1998…

Turning 50 was a wild ride for me. My husband, Steve, and I went to Paris to celebrate. Walked at least 10 miles a day. Heaven, being amidst all that creative juice and respect for art and education. Came back inspired and renewed but very very tired in a way I had never experienced… and during my annual check up discovered I had breast cancer!!! Yikes. So…… 50 was a true landmark for me, and my take on it may be a bit different than most. It was a new lease on life. I changed priorities, quit the relationships that weren’t “tens”, became more dedicated to my art and nature, my home and husband….. got myself a wolf companion and began life anew. Cancer allowed me time to feel into what was calling me and to follow that voice! This was almost eleven years ago, now, and my life is more than I ever expected it would be. Eleven years ago I had to go to Grand Junction every day for 7-8 weeks for treatment and appointments. A different friend took me each day and the one-on-one time we had together was the beginning of a new level of intimacy in my life. So much has happened since and the way I move through life is much more gentle and my gratitude is great. I am so grateful for the depth of this experience even now, when sometimes it feels like it happened to someone else, for I am so different now.


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