Survivor since 2003

2009: Nearly six years after my breast cancer diagnosis, my feelings about my survivorship continue to evolve. My husband and children, I tend to believe through sheer brilliance, treated me from the beginning of this journey as someone who was an “old survivor”.  In other words, they cut me no slack. Through the baldness, the tears, the fears, the countless surgeries and therapies that seemingly took my body from me, the nausea, the weight gain, the mind loss, the continual drives to cancer centers and the non-stop (and abundant) loss of mental health, they expected and counted on me to be Mom and Wife. Their simple and quiet message was, “We expect you to be here.”  It was an important message…and so I am.

Am I back to normal? No. Will I ever be? Yes, but redefined. Have I learned anything? You bet. I am stronger than I knew; I am weaker than I knew; I am angrier than I knew; I am more tolerant than I knew. I am smarter than most of my doctors. That’s right… I am smarter than most of my doctors, and so are you! Pick a day! It will be a winner, regardless…

God be with us.


  1. India Frank says:

    Dear Survivor, Wife and Mother,
    As an “Old Survivor,”of course you know more than your “Doctors.” I wish you continued abundant good will: mine
    and The Universe’s. ~ India

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