Survivor since 2005…

I live in basalt with my three children, Ryan, Chandler, and Garrett and my wife Carolyn. When I was informed that I had early on prostate cancer I thought that I was going to die. When I became more informed about my condition and explored the options available to me to correct this situation, I approached the upcoming operation with confidence and relief. 25% of all men regardless of their age will be informed that they have prostate cancer. The good news is that early detection and early removal of the problem can actually eliminate the problem and you are then good to go. The treatment was virtually pain free and the recovery period was 6 weeks. You never think that you will get the call. But if you stay in front of your medical exams and get your PSA checked every 6 months, you will get the early detection benefit of being proactive. So get to your doctor, regardless of your age and stay in front of the curve.

What I have learned from the experience is to appreciate how great I have it, to verbally acknowledge how great I have it, and to act more appreciative by doing “the right thing” in all instances… Be nicer, be kinder, be happier…

Be more all the time.


  1. Susan says:

    “Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistance” Reading that quote gave me the strength to forge through another day, doing the best I can, without actually feeling I had the knowledge or tools to succeed. Thanks so much for sharing. Susan

  2. Dan Ziskin says:

    Hi Ron:
    You and I go back many, many (40 OMG!!) years. You are much more than a survivor, you’re truly an inspiration. On this day and every day, I wish you all good things and especially wish you GOOD HEALTH for you and your family.


    Your life long friend,

  3. Sharon Louthen says:

    Dear Ron,

    Happy Birthday! I read your story of cancer survival this morning and it reminded me to have gratitude for all the blessings in my life, and to appreciate each day of life I get to continue living, because it really is a gift. That’s an important message in these times… Thank you for speaking out today.
    May you have many happy returns! J



  4. Linda Chitwood says:


    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on being a Survivor!

    Today would have been my parents’ 59th Anniversary. My mom died of lung cancer on June 11th, 2001 (the same day that Timothy McVey was executed. Gee, I wonder which one got into Heaven?). They had 51 years together. My dad and I are going to put flowers on her grave today.

    Looking forward to drinking with you in Las Vegas!
    Linda Chitwood

  5. Sandi Brown says:

    Dear Ron, a very very happy and healthy birthday to you. I was very shocked to get your e-mail as I had no idea that you had been going through prostate cancer. Needless to say it touched my heart and I felt tears down my cheeks. These tears are for the joy that you are a survivor as you are one of my favorite people in the whole world. You are so kind, giving, fun, thoughtful and a good friend. I am so happy you are through it all. Your good friend and the love of my life went through it and is a survivor as well. We all have so much to be thankful for. Can’t wait to see you in LV soon I hope.


  6. Sherrie Yarborough says:

    Many more Birthdays to come for is fragile…thanks for sharing your means alot to so many people. I just got engaged at Christmas and then my fiance was told that he had the very same thing.. life can change on a dime and he is a survivor as well…your words of wisdom are heartfelt…

  7. Sue Drinker says:

    Dear Ron…
    There are many of us out here who are so glad that you are still on the planet! You bring new meaning to persistence every day… What ever you turn your attention to becomes, and remains, a happening thing… YOU are a happy and happening thing…
    You can be on my team any time!
    The Digital Queen

  8. Al Morris says:

    Ronny…you are the poster child of proactive. Anyone who gets to the airport 12 hours before their flight leaves is going to be ahead of the curve. Do me a favor…just remind me every 6 months to get my PSA checked (that is to make sure my Professional Ski Association credentials are current).

    Who loves ya.

    Big Al

  9. Meg Guest says:

    “To verbally acknowledge” is consistantly being performed by you on many different levels, always. Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging others to “DO” and “BE”! Meg

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