Survivor since 2003…

It was March 2003. I had my usual workout at the gym and my usual shower. But getting dressed in front of the mirror was anything but usual. I noticed a horizontal dimple on my left breast and I thought I could feel a tiny lump. I had just had a mammogram three months before so I really wasn’t nervous. When I could still feel the lump a week later, I went to my OB. He said it was probably a cyst and to come back in two weeks. It was still there. I went straight to the oncologist. I knew it was bad news when he came back in the exam room with his nurse. Shock, disbelief and terror swept over me.

Then came the decisions: Lumpectomy or mastectomy, chemo or not (my second opinions were divided on this issue). I had a lumpectomy at Valley View Hospital two weeks later, followed by two months of radiation at Shaw Cancer Center in Edwards. I have nothing but praise for these two facilities.

I didn’t have any adverse affects from the radiation except the drudgery of the daily drive from Basalt to Edwards. My friends were angels. Someone offered to drive with me almost everyday and I’d often come home to meals others had prepared for me. I was blessed.

Five years of estrogen depleting Tamoxifin and Arimidex are finally over. I’m optimistic about my health. I look back with gratitude on my cancer experience — the support I received, the many wonderful people I met, the camaraderie, the love. And I’m alive.


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