Survivor since 1983…

I discovered that I had breast cancer 26 years ago and I thought that I was going to die.  I was young, newly married and only knew one person who had cancer and she died shortly after I was diagnosed.

My husband was a surgeon and felt that the best place for me to have my surgery was M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas.  It was a huge place and I spent two days wandering from department to department, having tests, interviews, photographs, and medical examinations.  All I could think of was that I was dying and would leave my children and new husband.

At that time I didn’t know of any support groups.  My family and friends were very loving and caring but they couldn’t imagine what I was going through.  I was afraid, hopeless and lonely.

A few days after my mastectomy, two little old ladies came into my hospital room, bringing me a bag of helpful items.  They told me that they both were survivors for over 25 years and they gave me my first glimmer of hope that I might also survive.

I vowed that if I won my battle with cancer, I would try to help others with a cancer diagnosis.  Volunteering at Aspen Valley Hospital and working with cancer patients has been fulfilling and rewarding for me.  I love to talk with patients, discussing their illness, hopes and fears and sharing my experiences.  Today cancer patients have many opportunities to find helpful information, guidance and support.

Also, the oncology nurses at Aspen Valley Hospital are well trained, dedicated, patient-oriented and compassionate.

If you would like to also participate in the volunteer program at Aspen Valley Hospital, contact Ginny Dyche at 970-544-1296… at Valley View Hospital, please contact Dr. Becca Schickling, volunteer coordinator, 970-384-6656.  In your area, contact the Human Resources office at your local hospital. You could make all the difference for someone in the depths of their cancer experience.


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