Supporting survivors since 2007…

Diane was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa… the second in a family of eight children… She has been a care giver all of her life. When her Mom went off to work, she undertook the care of her younger 6 siblings, and she has been sharing her gift of compassion ever since. She branched outside her siblings to elder-care, where she filled lonely hours with her special brand of enthusiasm and devotion, and it was here that she began to understand the importance of activity and sharing in the maintenance of a healthy life. While living in Aspen, she first understood her calling to work with cancer survivors when a good friend who was dying of cancer was moved to St. Mary’s in Grand Junction, where she remained until her death. It was a sad and troubling realization that people with cancer also suffer a loss of community and support, but it was also an awakening to her calling in life.
Your Friends for Life is an organization of cancer survivors, families, adults, children and caring neighbors who commit what time and energy they can to sharing their personal knowledge with people who are in the first throes of the cancer experience. Being diagnosed and then coming to terms with the medical reality of chemo and surgery is a totally overwhelming event, like being captured by a huge wave and tumbled about by the aftermath of the surf. You don’t know which way is up, you loose your footing and you fight to hold your breath… difference here is that when you reach out, there is a hand to grab onto you and set you right. That is the mission of Diane’s growing team of Your Friends for Life. They are there to help with the myriad of unique stumbling blocks which isolate and exhaust both cancer patients and their families. Maybe it is the terror of looking down in the shower to see all your hair floating at your feet, or settling for peanut butter sandwiches because you are too exhausted to go to town, or feeling trapped by the inability to break outside the medical cycle of survival and the cancer microscope, or being the spouse or child who feels lost and alone… whatever the need, there is Your Friends at hand. Your Friends for Life is a community of cancer knowledge and support… a group of people with first-hand experience who would not hesitate to get up in the middle of the night to come to the aide of a cancer trauma… an individual, one on one solution which fosters friendships and fulfillment for everyone involved… the patient, the family, the husband or wife and the children who are caught up in the drama without really understanding why their worlds are up-side down. Being a member of Your Friends for Life is paying it forward in an area where there is generally darkness and confusion… shedding some light and normalcy… reaffirming the best of the human experience, which is caring and giving.
If you are interested in joining this effort in caring, nurturing and enrichment, please call Diane at  970-309-5293 or visit their website at Your Friends for Life; to see what gifts you can bring to the cancer survivor community.


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